27 December 2012

Uneasy Stomach

Okay that's it..akhir bulan right, confirm..!! No......... Period pain like usual, jadi my worst night mare ever...huh...juz dun please.. But thanx God, kalau la it comes now..I mean kalau late lagi, mati lah I..My first final paper is on 4th Jan..o_O So..please period pain..Be nice to me..:'( Okay..got to go..Need to fetch opah at hospital..She's going there for medical check up and blood test.. Perhaps, mama ayah and adik is not at home too...They going to Hospital Selayang..:-/ Tatatattatatatta

26 December 2012


Hai...How are you? Im happy today..I don't know why, but erm...YES..!! Just I yang tahu...

Ni phone I punya home page.. Messy ngan
camera2 kan... ?
 Arrgghhh..Heaven.. And guys...take a look..pix yang dah di editkan...credit to K.ngah a.k.a ngek..hahahha....

Cool x? Heheheheh Okay..gtg..bye2...

22 December 2012

Cats Life..

So, take a look... Their cute and gorgeous style.. :)

Alololo, tayunkkk...!!


Headache...!! Nak ubat..Need medicine..o_O Seriously pening la... Sape2 boleh bagi ubat x? Haiisshhh...
Hahaha..kucing ni nak kene pukul..hahah..siannn...

20 December 2012


Haiiii, okay..Today is Thursday.. And I've got nothing to do.. Setelah almost 5 weeks menggiler non-stop, so today baru rasa lega and free.. Even esok ada Common Test record, but cheer up guys.. 

Baru proses nak buat note.. >> 

Note yang membosankan semestinya.. Nak xnak kene gak buat... So esok test waktu malam.. Haisshhh.. Buat awal sikit xley ke? Boleh terus balik KL.. Nak pack many things okay.. 

Tak sangka, final dah dekat.. Bukan dah dekat, just a couple of days je lagi... Maybe for those out there celebrate new year, but as for degree student, we celebrating final exam.. Isn't it??

Timetable Final Exam pown xtengok lagi.. Malas betul budak zaman sekarang.. Okay, that's me..

Today, terbangun awal coz nak selesaikan banyak benda.. Alyn still berlingkar lagi atas katil with her aiiisshhhh,.. "Bear" kesayangan dye.. HAMUNNN...!! :) 

Take a look, her lovely bear2...as for her only la.. 

So, Im going back to KL on Saturday morning... Haishhh xsabar nyeee..

Got to Go...  :) Love love love

18 December 2012


Woah, its been a while kot, im not updating my blog.. Aishh, too busy since i am a degree student.. Nothing is easy now and till the end..  

Okay, so many things happen.. the GOOD and the BAD news..

1st, im moving to 9th floor and share bilik with Alyn and Qilah..

Hah, so lame xupdate, seriously..

So nak tengok gambar x? okay wait.. ^^

So this is me, alyn and aida (bukan nama sebenar)


So this is my dinner punya gambar.. On 16 Dec 2012.. We having OM dinner.. Kind a big dinner but xtahu la, rase like not happy.. Hhehheh.. Maybe baju lari tema kot..

Semua nye sebab last minute nye preparation.. I hate that.. Really... 

Okay, got to go..tomorrow got Common Test Software... Borink + Penat...