21 October 2012


AHHHHHhhhhhhh melting.....!!

This one is super cool... Aissshhhhh... Almost buy this one... But.... But... Act lama dah pendam nak gitar.. But hold dulu.. Masa tak betul lagi..!! Aiiiissshhh.... U're so beautiful dear, guitar..!! I envy you.. Gonna grab you soon.. 

Price : $$$???? 

20 October 2012

Goodbye Days...

I feel like things are changing now..So long yesterday and before..I have a clumsy tenderness by my side.. Sometimes I get confused..Now what’s in my heart has begun to change..

There's a place I want to reach
...nothing ever changes there.

I got tired of crying..Life doesn't hand out answers..I might wander and stumble, but I can't stop..I'm always suffering, but the reason's simple..I want to know my purpose in Life.. :(

CHANSU wo kudasaii...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :( 

What is the thing that I have come to fear searching for?


It's My Life..Everything will be fine..I've made it this far earnestly

So as not to lose my passion >>>>>>>>>...

Let's move on Rock' n roll Life..!!!!

14 October 2012

Its about Feelings...

.......Nobody can go back, and start a new beginning.. ^^ 
Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, but you will find yourself... 

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh, to keep yourself from crying... Life isn't fair..

Dear sky, can you hear me.. Im not in a good mood.. Tomorrow, after HR class and quiz, I kena rush pergi ke MC (Terminal).. I got MUET on Tuesday... So, Im going back..KL, here I come..!! 

13 October 2012

Candid Picture

Its been a long time since "Nae Ilgi" (My Blog) are not updated...>>
So, here guys.. Take a look...

This is my classmate>> Bachelor in Office Management System & Technology (BM232_3B)

So far, everything is still in a "good" mode condition.. Like usual, as a student we cannot escape from quizzes  like assignment.. And... there's is additional things that you have to manage it by your own as a student.. Just get the hell all over the round world, but you can't escape this situation or what I've called, >> a people annoying B** A** attitude.. There's anywhere... Believe me..!!

So..You must know how to deal with those situation.. Bla..bla..bla... 

Since I was here in Melaka, many things happen..I feel, like I'm not me as myself.. Keep involving myself in those "ridiculous" situation I think..