22 March 2013


An eyelash or simply lash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the eye from debris and perform some of the same function as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object is near the eye.

Okay, talk about eyelashes, I am the lucky person ever.. Coz I got a long eyelashes.. Hehehhe.. Its beautiful, ciptaan Allah.. Until one day, one of my friend told me, " Hoi, stop la using fake eyelashes (bulu mata palsu), coz  u bukan attend dinner, u just hangout with friends, be natural."  Hahahha.. I just keep laughing hearing those things.. Hello, this is real one la... Try tarik, sampai bila2 u olls xkan dapat tanggalkan coz mine is the real eyelashes.. :p 

Alhamdulillah, Im so lucky.. :)

19 March 2013

Think and Talk..

Dear you.......

I don't care how much power, brilliance or intelligence you have..Do respect people no matter
who he or she is..  I got really upset with her accusing me of being arrogant, rude and one more thing.. How dare you?? It's not like I did anything immensely wrong to offend her, i was just a student.. C'mon laaa....Its your job to guide and show a positive side to you student..Not just release your **** anger to your student.. Be matured..!!

I was really disappointed with you.. I respect you as a lecturer.. But end up, you make me feel embarrassed in  front of others lecturer. What I've done??? I just give you, dad's operation letter, and applying for emission on that day..So, why are you being rude to me????? Be professional, don't mix up your personal problem with your job.. 

And why are you saying "SHOULD I CONSIDER" while pointing at the letter??? 

Just imagine the situation VICE VERSA.. and believe me, you will know how I felt on that time, you're yelling at me.. 


Im not gonna respect you anymore... !!!!

17 March 2013


What to do..Nasib la orang belajar jauh..Even ade hal pun,selagi benda xsettle at Melaka, so here I am..Dekat Melaka right now.. Waiting for Alyn..She's from Kuantan..So,bus for sure 5 jam..Pity on her...If me, sorry la dalam bus lama2..But I pernah sekali, took bus from Melaka to Kuantan...hehehe...Just my brother know where am I going..heheheh..But he a lil bit "poyo" ..Keep talking and ugut about Kuantan....Like he said "hamun"..huh... 

Panas nye..!! Back pain due to carrying this bag..Actually there's nothing inside ye, but ade bantal..I bring it from Kl..hahaha...Sakit kepala dalam bus even 2 jam pun..Really effect my whole body.. So now..waiting for alyn arrived at the entrance of Melaka Central.. 

There were two or maybe three girls here besides me keep talking about dinner i think...Kuat pulak tu..Like I can hear every single words..hahahah..Lol..They keep talking about what dresses they should wear, tempah baju, make up and heels.. Aishh...rasa bengkak telinga dengar..hahahha..I really2 do hate dinner, party..Expose myself in public??? Hhhahha..SORRRY

So, next.. Esok Im going back to KL.. Again?? You must wonder why am I being like a traveller, keep travel here and there... Hahhah.. There must be a reason la..Actually, my father got an operation on Wednesday.. The biggest operation ever in his life.. Hope everything's fine.. And back to normal.. Yeay.. Berdoa.. So, I'm take leave for a week.. 

Life is full of obstacle illusions.  ~Grant Frazier

Anyeong, minna... <3

Class Cancel..

Disebabkan class cancel, so kite ENJOY..!! ...Coz, da bersiap pun..suddenly dapat text dari Khadijah, class cancel..okay...Its good... Alyn cadangkan sewa kereta...So,bleh ke sane sini...Okay la sewa kereta at Melaka..merata2...But we've choose satu company ni..tak tahu ape name dye, but ok la..
7 jam >> Rm45..Worth it...But company yang menyewa kereta tu terlampau cerewet...

Hello abg, kereta you xcalar sikit pown la... Gebang lebih :) hahhahhha

So, i'll show you the latest picture ....

In class..waiting for lecturer...

Classmate.. :)

With Aida at JJ Melaka...

Teman roomate shopping... But..but.. I hate shopping... :(

Watch Jack The Giant Slayer with them...

Ermmmmm..Delicious Sushi Ever....

Makan2 with classmate.. BM232 (Part4)